Organizational Blind Spots

According to Richard Barrett, high performing organizations empower their people to bring their whole selves to work and foster:

  • An inspiring vision, which keeps everyone heading in the same direction and guides long-term decisions.
  • A purposeful mission that inspires people on a daily basis. When people are able to align their personal sense of purpose with the mission, they find meaning and bring their whole selves to work.
  • Organizational values that support the achievement of the organization’s mission and vision and are in alignment with the personal and desired culture and values of people.

Probably none of that surprises you anymore. Organizational leaders put a lot of energy into creating an inspiring vision and mission and communicating organizational values.

However, often the energy we put in does not correspond to the energy we get out.

Here is why.

What often remains unspoken is that the amount of energy you get out of an organization is equal to the amount of energy you put in, minus the amount of energy needed to keep the organization functioning.  When the degree of dysfunction or disorder in an organization is high, due to factors such as excessive control, caution, confusion, bureaucracy, hierarchy, internal competition, blame, silo mentality, etc., the amount of energy employees have to expend in getting their jobs done increases.

The amount of energy consumed in doing unproductive or unnecessary work in organization is called Cultural entropy. It is the degree of dysfunction and frustration in an organization that is generated by the self-serving, fear-based actions of people. As cultural entropy increases, the level of trust and internal cohesion decreases.

However, in many cases this unproductive and unnecessary work remains within our “blind spots” – deep down inside we know it’s there but somehow we aren’t fully conscious of it and – more often than not – we don’t know what to do about it.


Shedding Light over the Blind Spots

“When it comes to the culture of the organization, it is critical to measure it objectively.  Without measurement, one cannot make the appropriate changes to create the desired culture.” Richard Barrett

Before we could unleash our organizations full potential, we need to shed light over what causes cultural entropy and hinders performance.

That is where we come in.

As a Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) Certified Consultant with the Barrett Values Centre, we support leaders in building high-performance, values-driven cultures that attract and keep talented people and increase staff engagement, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. The CTT are powerful metrics that enable the measurement and management of culture developed by the Barrett Values Centre in 1998 and used globally in over 6000 organizations ever since. They are online surveys that measure values within a cultural development framework, which enables organizations to measure and manage cultural development over time.

The real power of the tools is that they produce a diagnostic to inform dialogue about culture, within a framework that makes it clear which values and behaviors are supporting or undermining performance. Working with your unique CTT survey results allows delivering a unique leadership and culture development program designed according to your needs to make a significant and lasting beneficial impact on the organization and its stakeholders.

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