Why we like to play and how games can help us become better in what we do.

We Are All, By Nature, Gamers

All people learn and enjoy learning. While we observe small children play and think they’re having fun, they’re actually learning valuable life lessons. As humans, we freely exhibit our liking of games in our childhood and no matter whether we continue to play as we grow, we still keep this affinity in ourselves. The truth is that we are all, by nature, gamers. And, if you are one of those who’ll say “Me? A gamer? Give me a break! “, ask yourself and honestly admit that it will be untrue to say that you’ve never enjoyed a game.  And, there’s a good reason behind this. Games are exploring the natural desire of people for competition, goal-achievement and self-expression, while boosting activity, engagement and motivation. They also incorporate the elements of fun, challenge, mastery and socialization.

Serious Games

Serious games not only consolidate these elements, but also add the natural desire of people to know more and be better at what they do. Today, the term “Serious Games” mainly refers to interactive computer-based software that has been developed with the intention to be more than just entertainment. Serious games are intentionally produced for “serious” purposes for solving variety of business challenges and complex problems. They represent simulations, where people are put into different environments and situations and make real choices related to their actual work. Learners receive real-time feedback for their decisions and it all happens in the virtual world – where the wrong actions don’t have the negative consequences as in real life.

Serious Results

Current market data shows that industry revenues of serious games (Global game-based learning market ) will reach $2.6 billion in 2016 and grow to $7.3 billion by 2021. (Ambient Insight). Obviously, more and more organizations and businesses intensify their efforts to scale the impact of their learning programs and corporate messages, and engage employees. And serious games are a really effective approach for immersive learning and skills development. At the end of the day serious games bring serious results to serious organizations.

Take Serious Games Seriously

So, as a result we’ve created an online technology for serious games, with a friendly user interface, that allows the transformation of knowledge in many different formats according to the organization’s specific needs. So, smile – trainings are no longer the boring, time-consuming sessions that don’t allow us do our jobs, but are the really engaging and useful practices that help us achieve our professional objectives. So, take it seriously and watch your people grow while also enjoying it.