Serious Games is a hot trend for global organizations looking for new ways to truly inspire employees with the corporate vision, encourage common values, and allign around the corporate strategy.

That’s for a reason.

Most companies have some kind of internal communication policies and methodologies on delivering key messages. However, how can senior management be sure that the message is not just delivered to everybody but it is also truly understood and embraced? How can senior management be sure that crucial corporate messages and communication are not misunderstood and do not fade away?

Failure to ensure that meaningful messages reach everybody in the organization in an effective way costs organizations a lot of money.

Sometimes that’s the whole difference between a good and a truly great company.

What could be a better way to spread meaninful messages from the top down?

Serious games are the right solution by providing an engaging, immersive, and contextual environment to convey meaningful information about an organization as well as communicating senior management messages that build interest, challenge employees to think, reflect, and change their perspectives.  Moreover, serious games create safe and risk-free environment, which boosts comprehension.

Serious Games allow the delivery of the same exact message across the organization, so in this way the “Chinese Whispers” effect is avoided and the same piece of information reaches all intended recipients. Furthermore, being in its purest form, the message doesn’t reflect someone’s own perception of an issue, mitigating the risks related to personal interpretations, even abuse.

Such games are re-usable and re-cycable, and they enable an organization to effectively reach even wider audience outside the company. These games can be used to provoke behavior change, create a sense of belonging, and boost self-expression and achievement.

Eudaimonia Solutions empowers modern organizations to scale the impact of their learning programs and corporate messages. We make it easy to transfer traditional e-learning content into effective serious games and immersive learning. We can create immersive learning experiences for your needs with highly customizable environments and characters. In them, player’s choices affect the storyline and the outcome of each learning game. Our technology and know-how makes e-learning and e-communuication effective, engaging, and enjoyable.

Scaling the impact of the corporate learning programs and corporate messages is a challenging task. It also can be effective, efficient and fun.


(Screenshots from actual serious games and gamification, created with the technology Transformnig Learning of Eudaimonia Solutions )


Customized storytelling accommodates even the most specific needs. Serious games build skills and abilities resulting in improved efficiency and productivity at job tasks. If you want to scale the impact of your learning programs and corporate communication, read more.