Zurich, March 1, 2017

Eudaimonia Solutions presented its product the Whole-System Culture Navigator©, which gives managers and leaders clear points of reference how to make culture a factor that supports their business strategy.

According to Natalia Blagoeva, Director of Eudaimonia Solutions,

“In many organizations important factors, related to the organizational culture, remain invisible and therefore unmanaged. As a result, culture hinders the implementation of the business strategy when it could support it.”

The Whole-System Culture Navigator© is Eudaimonia Solutions’ unique methodology which assesses the capacity of the culture to support the implementation of the organizational and risk strategy. It integrates the model of the Barrett Values Centre, which is a vital part of any consulting work Eudaimonia Solutions does, builds upon our extensive international experience with start-ups, grown-ups and large corporations, and capitalizes on other leading works of our times such as Theory U, Systems Thinking, Art of Hosting, and Reinventing Organizations.

A special add-on to the Whole-System Culture Navigator© is the Risk Culture profile. Risk Culture is an area of risk management that recently has gained much more focus. In order there to be a strong and effective risk culture, it is important first to set the right context and then to create an environment that enables and rewards individuals and groups to take the right risks throughout the whole business cycle in an informed and conscious manner.

Organizations that apply the Whole-System Culture Navigator© get a clear picture of the factors which could potentially hinder them and they can clearly define what the need for transformation is. Natalia Blagoeva adds:

“Our focus is always on identifying the acupuncture points which can ignite the organization’s natural capacity for rejuvenation and evolution.”

For more information on the Navigator and other supporting services, contact us at office@eudaimonia.solutions.