On May 7 and May 8 2016, Natalia Blagoeva joined the first UPractice event in Berlin. The event was iniatied by Floor Martens, Morten Jacobsen and Ilona Maennchen.

People from different countries came together united by the idea of forming a UPractice community of Theory U practioners. The Theory U  method became widely popular after a course called U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self, developed at MIT.  Theory U proposes that the quality of the results that we create in any kind of social system is a function of the quality of awareness, attention, or consciousness that the participants in the system operate from. Since it emerged around 2006, Theory U has come to be understood in three primary ways: first as a framework; second, as a method for leading profound change; and third, as a way of being – connecting to the more authentic of higher aspects of ourselves.

On the first day of the event, Natalia Blagoeva (Certified Cultural Transformation Toools Consultant with  the Barrett Values Centre and the Founder and Director of Eudaimonia Solutions) facilitated a session and mapped the participants’ values – the real energetic drivers of their common aspirations & intentions.

Following that people practiced the gaining popularity method known as Social Presencing Theater (SPT) – a methodology, developed for understanding current reality and exploring emerging future possibilities.

On the second day, two inspirational women shared their stories with the participants.  Trees van Rijsewijk talked on the theme ‘I used to be of no one, now I am of myself’. She shared some insights from her inspiring journey and her up-coming book. According to Trees, we all get born with a big soul, a small body and a small brain. When we are adults and in balance, they are equal. However, when we are out of balance and the brain or the body are “over-developed” the soul “shrinks”.

Christine Wank of the Presencing Institute lead a workshop on the theme ‘Discovering and connecting with your Self’. Their workshops were livestreamed by the Consciousness Network. Here is a link to the full recording of Christine Wank’s  talk and workshop about Theory U. As Christine says, everything we need is already within us: curiosity (open mind), compassion (open heart) and courage (open will).

*The header image represents the map of participants’values according to the Barrett Values Centre model faciliated by Natalia Blagoeva and the workshop of Christine Wank as experienced by the visual graphic facilitator Britta Mutzke. 

**All photos are of Marie-Cécile Huo.

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