What’s Important to you?  What do you value most? What values motivate you?

Do you promote your values at work?

Values will be celebrated around the world on the first truly international World Values Day to be held on 20th October this year. The purpose of the Day will be to raise and deepen the awareness and practice of values. It will highlight the crucial role of values in the well-being of individuals, families, schools, organisations and communities around the world, and indeed for the health and future of the world itself. It will shine a spotlight on what values are, why they are important, and how putting them into action changes lives.

Eudaimonia Solutions is an official partner of the World Values Day in supporting organizations throughout Europe with a number of acitivities helping them become aware of their values and put them into action. As a Certified Consultant with the Barrett Values Centre, we will contribute by:

  • directing attention from the organizational values to the personal values of the people of our organizations and communities.
  • introducing the Personal Values Assessment of the Barrett Values Centre – a view into our personal values, which pave the road to our prosperity and wellbeing – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This assessment is at the base of the tools we use to enable leaders to measure and manage their own development, as well as the culture of their organizations.
  • encouraging individuals, organizations and communities to act upon these values in an engaging and fun way



As an ORGANIZATION or a COMMUNITY, you can participate by giving your people the opportunity to participate in a Survey by spreading a link we will give you. eudaimonia-solutions-1

People will need approximately 5 to 10 min to fill it in after which we will create and share a Values Word Cloud  showing the top common personal values that people in your organization or community share as individuals. You can see here on the right how the Value Word Cloud of the team of Eudaimonia Solutions looks like. Wouldn’t it be cool to get one of these too?

Additionally, those of your colleagues who choose, will receive a written Personal Value Assessment from the Barrett Values Centre on their email.

THE PURPOSE is to remind everybody in the organization that our team members are human beings who act out of particular values every day – at home and at work. Encouraging our people to speak up their personal values will be a sign of understanding the role of values in our lives and appreciation of our people as human beings.


We also encourage you to design activities in your organization that invite people to act upon a chosen organizational value. Then share:

  • Your genuine story (either from the above activity) or your regular corporate activities, which is an incarnation of an act, led by one of the core values of your organization or community.
  • Your creative photo, which somehow represents one or several of your organizational values.

Send your stories and photos at values@eudaimonia.solutions and we will promote, publish and reward the most remarkable ones – the more active and creative you are, the bigger the chance to win a free coaching session (for individuals) or a consultation about organizational culture (for organizations and communities).

THE PURPOSE is to remind everybody in the organization or community that organizational values are at the core of why we do what we do in and how we do what we do.


If this sounds as something you might do for your organization, get in touch at values@eudaimonia.solutions. We are curious to hear from you, so please send us an email if you have any questions or you want to have a chat about values or leadership and organizational culture and development. If you are a person without a leading role in the organization you work at, we encourage you to share this initiative with your organizational leader or HR manager.


“It is how we choose what we do, and how we approach it, that will determine whether the sum of our days adds up to a formless blur, or to something resembling a work of art.” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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