Great leaders master analytical, emotional, spiritual, systems, cultural and intuitive intelligences. With the following 21 wellsprings to self-leadership, I will try to decode what this means in some simple mantras you could follow:


  1. Be curious – exchange your internal voice of judgment with an open mind.
  2. Be compassionate – exchange your internal voice of cynicism with an open heart.
  3. Be courageous – exchange your internal voice of fear with an open will.
  4. Tune into your fears and beliefs to take care of your needs and start living your values.
  5. Cherish and foster creativity, beauty, arts, humor and playfulness as the essence of being a human.
  6. Bring in moments of stillness and silence into your life and breath consciously.
  7. Learn more than expected, required or recognized by not just knowing, but through being and doing.
  8. Be committed and patient as the ultimate way to nurture your quest and deep transformation.
  9. Build resilience by going right into what scares you but also what attracts you and nourishes you.
  10. Bounce right back if you fail. Failure is an opportunity to learn and initiate a wiser beginning.
  11. Stay away from mediocracy and strive for excellence and greatness, but remain humble.
  12. Be magnanimous – seek out and cherish what magnifies your spirit and greatness of mind and heart.
  13. Counterbalance ambiguity and complexity by striving for simplicity and deep clarity.
  14. Counterbalance too much technology by connecting and applying a personal touch.
  15. Counterbalance change, volatility and uncertainty by slowing down, going agile, and creating meaning.
  16. Dream big but stay present and attend to every small step along the way.
  17. Make decisions based on values, intuition and inspiration instead of instincts and beliefs.
  18. Apply systems thinking as the discipline of seeing the whole.
  19. Live your passions, tell your stories, cherish emotions as the essence of being alive.
  20. See opportunities where others see stumbling blocks. Act on them now.
  21. Take care of self to have energy to invest in others. This surplus energy we invest in others is our soul.

(Full disclosure: I did not invent many of these. I’ve developed them by reading the work of others but I made sense of them through my own rich experience.)

Natalia Blagoeva is the Founder and Director of Eudaimonia Solutions